Mandraxe the Magician was on a Mission. But what was it? To save the world or to perform magic tricks at children's parties? He was too drunk to remember.....

Read the exciting adventures of a man out of this world and out of his box on a Mission to well lets just say he's on a Mission, shall we?


May 21, 2010

Mandraxe's Dream

author's note : fooking juvenalia


  1. I don't remember any of my dreams.Probably a good thing as they would involve ritual sacrifice of Roy K**ne...

  2. i'm fucking riveted man... mandrake is the shit, he would kick supermans arse, he could solve crimes better than batman, he can drink more than andy capp, and fuck more than JT... when i grow up i wanna be just like him, he sounds like a right fucking boon!

    in the next episode have a talking hair brudh, its all about surealism these days...

    your fucking aces lad!


  3. did you mean hair, or hare, rba? let me know, because I might have to re-rewite it if you meant the rabbit


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