Mandraxe the Magician was on a Mission. But what was it? To save the world or to perform magic tricks at children's parties? He was too drunk to remember.....

Read the exciting adventures of a man out of this world and out of his box on a Mission to well lets just say he's on a Mission, shall we?


May 19, 2010

Book 1 Chapter 1 : Mandraxe Awakes

In which we first meet Mandraxe. Our hero awakes, farts, turns over and goes back to sleep in this opening chapter.


Mandraxe the Magician awoke. He farted, turned over and went back to sleep.

End of Chapter 1.


  1. is this the haiku approach to blogging?

  2. Better than anythign i ever read ever, and i have read about 7 bewks and one a them woz ah grufalo!

    fucking aces man!

  3. Blogs as a fireman, do you think its about time that norman price was given an asbo and fored to where a tag to enforce a curfew on him to stop the little ginger cunt from falling in fucking wells or getting stuck a twatting tree or some other silly bollocks ordeal.

    that must grind your gears fella!

  4. Ere, blogs i'm reading Catch 22 and Mandrake gets a mention, only in passing like, but it was definately him... i could smell the deleter as i turned the page... him and yossarian ay!


  5. easy blogs mate, what i dont get is, if we go to heaven when we die, where were we before that, and why can we remember... i reckon the pub meself... think about it. who knows not me andnot you either, jacks might... but is he telling no he aint...

  6. one more thing in epsiode 2 or three, have adog innit... people love dogs.

  7. have it spunk in cheryl coles mouth...

  8. RBA, man, youre my creative muse -see chpt 2 and 3.

  9. Blimey, Beanfield Wars has got nothing on this!

    Can you say "P u l l i t z e r"?

  10. ello trott. to be honest i was aiming for the Nobel Peace Prize. but i warn you ive got 12 Books of 7 chapters each prepared for this. and i actually dont expect anyone to read any of them hehehehea


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