Mandraxe the Magician was on a Mission. But what was it? To save the world or to perform magic tricks at children's parties? He was too drunk to remember.....

Read the exciting adventures of a man out of this world and out of his box on a Mission to well lets just say he's on a Mission, shall we?


May 23, 2010

Book 1 Chapter 5 : A Break from the Action : The Secret HomeBrew Recipe for Deleter.

This will be one not to miss.

The author ish finilishing experrimmenttttttttttttttttal teshtink of a reeel world simulant of this fictional shtimulat what was i sayink? (by god i think this one works uuuurrgggggggg -you're my best mate you are!!!!........uuuuuurrrrrghhhhhh)


  1. You'll never remember in the morning!

  2. i love mandrake, he'e my hero, i used to like jesus, as he saved the egytians from moses and the robo-jews... but mandrake is much cooler, he is my fav superhero ever, every playtime i play mandrake, i stumble around pull rotten flowers out my sleve and vomit on someones shoes, i wanna be mandrake but my mate tony no teeth says i am more like lothar... hes a cunt that no teeth. Mandrake i relaly like your adventures, perhaps inthe next one you could ride a skateboard and shit in the bag of scrabble tiles... hehe.

    forever your number one fan!

  3. blog, you taliking to me? Who's what? I don't know a What. I knew a Linda Watt, and a Susan Watson, but never met a What.

  4. what about this linda watt, trott, is she hot to trot or not dot dot dot dot dot and does she know jenny taylor?

  5. Aye, she was hot to trot was Linda Watt, Though now I fear she's best forgot
    Forget me not dear Linda Watt


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